Webinar: Best admin practices with CoreView

In this webinar EdgeGuide and CoreView set out in order to help identifying some of the most common security issues present in Microsoft 365 tenants, and to help take action.

We are very excited to share our expertise along with CoreView’s know-how. The special guest from CoreView will join to provide deep technical knowledge. To give an idea of what we are going to discuss, we recommend that Swedish-speaking readers download this whitepaper. Also consider looking at this blog article as well as taking a look at EdgeGuide’s product page of CoreView.

All in all, we estimate the webinar will take up to an hour. The session will be recorded, so even if you cannot participate we will send you the recorded session afterwards. In other words, do not hesitate to sign up. Any and all are very welcome to attend. However, we think that the contents will be of particular interest for enterprise admins and IT-managers or decision makers.

When, where, how?

The webinar takes place on the 26th of March, at 10.00 am CET. The webinar is be free to attend and the only thing required to participate is to enter an e-mail to which the webinar link can be sent. To join, only a web browser is needed.

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