Webinar: Best admin practices with CoreView

In this webinar EdgeGuide and CoreView set out in order to help identifying some of the most common security issues present in Office 365 tenants, and helped in taking action.

EdgeGuide’s senior architect presented Office 365 strategies, opportunities and areas that we commonly see among clients which often can be optimized. Among other topics EdgeGuide’s architect and CoreView’s SaaS expert discussed aggragated reports, Office 365 provisioning, on-/off-boarding and license management.

We are very excited to have shared our expertise along with CoreView’s know-how. To give a brief idea of what we talked about, we recommend that Swedish-speaking readers download this whitepaper. Also consider looking at this blog article as well as taking a look at EdgeGuide’s product page of CoreView.

The webinar has already taken place

The webinar has unfortunately already taken place. If you are curious about its contents and would like to show interest, enter your e-mail below and we will contact you as soon as we another round planned.

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