Anton Lövmar2017-01-23

Improved responsiveness and dynamic dropdowns

Today we've deployed the a new version of the API along with several improvements to the web client for mobile browsers! The latest version of the API features dynamic drop downs, a long requested feature.

When we first announced the web client, focus wasn't on making it a superb mobile experience; we already had the Notes2Mobile app for that. However, as we've seen more and more demand among customers for and a sharepoint client for Notes2Mobile, it was clear that this is what should be priotitized next.

Getting started with dynamic dropdowns

Along with this update, we've also included another anticipated feature; dynamic drop downs. This is basically an extension of the already existing drop down element in the configuration: it is now possible to both specify hard coded (preset) values together with dynamic values fetched from another application. It's important to note that the application from which values are fetched also needs to have Domino Access Services enabled in order for the drop downs to work.

To get started with dynamic drop downs, simply go to the "forms" page on and select your old drop downs (or add a new one). Expand the input field and you will see two tabs, "preset" and "lookup". "Preset" will contain all of your old configuration, and you can extend it without breaking your previous configuration. For the values in the lookup section, here's a quick reference:

  • database - This field should be the path to the database you want to fetch data from. For example, an application called "demo.nsf" located in the root catalogue would be configured with just "demo.nsf"
  • view - Enter the view from which data will be fetched
  • Column name (data) - The name of the column in the specified view which will be used as data for the drop down, i.e. the values that will actually be written to the document
  • Column name (label) - The name of the column which will be used for display in the Notes2Mobile UI
  • Notes field - The notes field which data will be written to when the drop down value is changed

As you might have guessed, this configuration acts very similarly to the @DbLookup in notes, although a bit more restricted. For now, support only exists for the web client and sharepoint, but a new version of the mobile app is coming soon!