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A common pitfall when it comes to implementing Office 365 is to look at the features, bells and whistles of the new technology, rather than mapping out the desired changes in end user behavior and what services to provide to end users and the organization. We focus on services rather than tools.

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About Edgeguide

We create real value from Office 365

Real value comes from how well people interact with their new services. We always concentrate on efficacy, meaning the degree to which Office 365 is successful in producing a desired business result. That’s how we measure success.

An effective implementation of Office 365 rests on a simple model, or if you will a checklist, and that you do just that many things at the same time. We believe there are five concurrent elements that must always be considered for each new service to be provided by Office 365. Strategy - Governance - User Experience - Adoption - Technology.

Working through these five factors for each new service creates a foundation for great business results. That is what Edgeguide is all about.

Effective Adoption

EdgeGuide’s End User Adoption methodology has been created for organizations interested in the most effective ways to maximize their investment in Microsoft 365. It is meant to be used as a step-by-step guide, where you can ensure that your organization can first identify, and then execute specific tasks that will help your organization embrace this new culture of work. Our best practices methodology is based on the experiences from our most successful customers who, over the years have adopted the different technologies that are now part of Microsoft 365.

Swift Development

SharePoint Framework makes it possible to create virtually any customized web application in SharePoint Online. Assuming the right knowledge, of course. And there you can rest assured. Modern applications in SharePoint Online is our home turf. Inaddtion to this EdgeGuide App Framework is a Library of pre-built components that will kick-start any and all SharePoint any development efforts in Office 365.

Trouble-free Migration

Taking the step from Notes and Domino is no longer a question of if but sooner about how. It can however be a challenge. A migration from Notes to Office 365 affects everyone, from helpdesk to corporate management. It might involve hundreds of applications, invasive working methods and loads of data. Migrating from Notes and Domino to Office 365 requires knowledge of both platforms. Knowledge that can be hard to come by. But that's exactly the kind of competence that is to be found within EdgeGuide. We do understand that a successful migration from Notes to Office 365 requires the right strategy, technical expertise and, not least, understanding the business and its users.

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We listen and spend more time than you expect on your questions. Whatever the case, you get an elaborate answer. Without coercion, without obligation.